An interesting read by DOP John Brawley about how he likes his slates to appear and I agree with a lot of it. People/2nd AC’s forget that slating/boarding is pretty much the only time you’re ever seen by a lot of crew for a few seconds. Surely you want to do it properly and efficiently?

I get frustrated by boards/slates that I have to guide a 2nd AC to get in the frame but also sloppy childlike handwriting isn’t good enough in my books. 

hunterschramm asked:

Did you go to any sort of film school? Would you recommend going?

I did indeed go to film school. Originally I studied media at college whilst interning at a TV channel and then I quit and went to film school, pursuing film and leaving television behind me. I would recommend going as I loved it, met some lovely people and learnt some great things. However it isn’t for everyone, some people will disagree and plug that just getting into film as an intern is a better avenue. It’s all about what YOU want and what YOU want to get out of it, not ME!! We all have different attitudes, skillsets and there will always be one path for one person and another path for someone else. Do not take what I say and think “Oh Jay went to film school so that’s the best route for me." Do it because you want or don’t want to. I hope that helps.