Hi all, now that I’m back on my feet having to take a forced two months out due to a knee injury whilst on a job in the middle east I’m now ready to smash 2014 out of the water! With that being said I’ve decided to try and blog more and make my Twitter a little more work related. If you’d like to follow than please feel free. Always looking to find new people to follow, collaborate with and meet etc. 

immonstrocity asked:

We can ask anything? alright! I just started using Davinci Dissolve and got out of apple color and there is a bit of a learning curve. should i stay on apple color or continue learning dissolve? what program is better would you say?

I think it’s always good to have a good arsenal under your belt. I learnt using Apple’s Color however they’re no longer developing it for professional use so there will come a point if we haven’t already reached it where it’ll be left at the wayside. Do you want to become a colourist? If so I’d suggest sticking with Davinci Resolve but in all honesty you don’t really need to know how to use them, that’s what a colourist is for. If you want to be a DOP then if you know what aesthetic the story requires the colourist is the stepping stone to applying that look as well as offering guidance if they’re good enough. I hope that helps.