Feature Film Prep

So I officially start camera prep on Monday morning for the feature film I’m focus pulling on for the next five weeks. We’re shooting it all on the Arri Alexa Plus with ultra primes but this may well change to Cooke S4’s depending on the thoughts the DP has over the weekend. I haven’t really blogged a huge amount this year and I’d like to change that. As I mentioned I’m on this feature from now until mid December and the script is fantastic. It’s very rare that I read a script from beginning to end without stopping to make myself a cup of tea or to check Twitter! Seeing as I’m writing this post is there anything that people might like to see or hear about on my five week adventure?

  1. cincopontas answered: Yes
  2. victorianightingale answered: Hi Jay. Thanks for giving a chance to submit questions. What will you tasks be during the production? Thank you.
  3. charliebeauchamp answered: Problems that you had to overcome.
  4. harrysherriff answered: As a director aspiring to shoot a feature in the next 18 months as much about the process as possible! thanks in advance.
  5. jaremel said: Hey.. good luck :))
  6. visstopher said: Why did the DP choose Alexa?
  7. theinfatuatedjim answered: Great news man, enjoy it and good luck! And to answer your question, yes—-yes, we want to hear about your five week adventure.
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  9. i-stole-an-assbutt-and-ran-away answered: I’d like to know EVERYTHING :D sounds really interesting and can’t wait to hear about what it’s like
  10. rainkathlean answered: Who is your DP? You must be so stoked! :}
  11. andaaz-e-junoon answered: where are you shooting? How many films have you done focus pulling for?
  12. hayd-nh answered: I would love to hear about split decisions that your DP makes, I’d also love to hear about how any conflicts between the crew are handled
  13. impensado-conhecido answered: Good luck with the movie.
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