Here’s a music promo I worked on a couple of months ago for a lovely DP I focus pull for from time to time and am currently on a ten week shoot with him at the moment. The video was shot on the Alexa Plus and we used lenses which would give a lot of flare to accompany the aesthetic the director wanted. Yes this is also Craig Roberts the kid from Richard Ayoade’s ‘Submarine’. 

For the past couple of nights I’ve been focus pulling on A cam on a multi-cam Arri Alexa shoot. It was pretty much all night exteriors and last night we spent a couple of hours on a low-loader driving round various parts of London. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get anymore photos due to the timetable we were on. I’m now spending the day shifting my body clock back to normality but also doing prep work for a short I’m DP’ing from Thursday through till Sunday this week. 

I haven’t really posted anything lately as I didn’t feel like I had anything worthy of sharing with you so rather than posting for the sake of it I decided to hold fire. I’ve been quite busy recently as I’ve been focus pulling on various jobs but I’m also in prep for a short film that I’m going to be DP’ing as of next week for a few days. However enough of that! I want to share a trailer with you which I focus pulled on earlier this year with a very talented cast and crew. The drama has been shot in order to “challenge the fear and misunderstanding that surrounds HIV”. We shot it on the Arri Alexa and it really was an amazing project to work on, I enjoyed every minute of it, partly due to the cast and crew who were involved but I think more specifically how filmmaking was being used for a really beneficial cause.

In order to watch the trailer just click on the link and then click on ‘Watch the Trailer - Undefeated’. If you enjoy this then please reblog it as it is a genuinely worthy campaign. 

So a few days ago I posted a blog with a couple of pictures of an Arri Alexa on a steadicam for a ‘DJ Shadow’ music promo I was focus pulling on. I spoke with the DP today and the video has now been released. The concept of the video is a visual pathway of an extremely interesting chap called Ben Pridmore and how he can memorise an entire deck of cards by creating a story using certain keywords in order to prompt his memory as to the order of those cards. If that sounds confusing then watch this video for illustrative purposes.

So I’ve had a few people ‘asking’ for me to be a bit more informative with some of my posts as I generally post pictures of the jobs I’m on and don’t really explain a huge amount about what they are, how we’ve done it etc so I thought I would this time. Basically the two pictures are from the music promo I was on today for a DJ Shadow track called ‘Scale It Back’ which we shot on Arri Alexa. The idea by the video was to shoot it in one take but I cannot explain why as when the video is released it’ll become clear to those who watch it what it’s about plus telling you about it ruins it surely? Anyway as I mentioned previously we shot it on an Arri Alexa at ProRes 4444 at 35fps with a timebase of 25fps with the song slowed down in order for the steadicam op to walk/run the shot without having to rush too much possibly sacrificing composition.

As you can see from the picture we had a 32mm ultraprime on the camera which was fixed at T2.8 and using a depth of field calculator and rough markings throughout the duration I calculated that I generally had about 3ft depth of field throughout so there was a small margin for error but not a lot. I also had a preston wireless remote focus and a cinetape rigged to the camera which made my life so much easier, this being that I never had to touch the camera throughout the shot but more so the cinetape giving me pretty solid readings of the distances of the various objects in the shot. The reason this was so helpful was down to the fact that were points where I couldn’t be alongside the camera so it wasn’t possible for me to calculate the distance of the subject to the camera, hence the cinetape to give me readings so I could adjust accordingly at these various points.

The main obstacle throughout the shoot was ensuring that all the components from hair, make-up, camera, lighting, performance, cues etc were all perfect or as close to perfect as they could be in order for the piece to work as there are to be no cuts at all throughout the video. With this taken into account keeping the image sharp throughout the entirety of the track was difficult but with a few rehearsals and a couple of markings here and there I was able to keep the entire video sharp. It’s been a long day and I have another Alexa shoot tomorrow so I’m off to bed and hope those of you who were seeking more from my posts are happy to have read this?!