I posted a little while ago about how my blog hadn’t seen much action as I’d been immensely busy filming a TV Drama for three months and blogging was the least of my priorities. Now I’m back home in London I’ve fortunately been extremely busy shooting various jobs in London but also been fortunate enough to travel a bit more this year. I’ve just arrived home having been away in Vienna filming a corporate for the ERS (European Respiratory Society) where there was some 20,000 doctors & pharmaceutical companies from all over the world gathering for a four day convention, which was interesting to say the least. I however ceased the opportunity to tipple on various Austrian beers and try my first ever portion of the authentic wiener schnitzel which I thoroughly enjoyed. Having finished the corporate on the sunday evening I packed my bags the following morning to fly to Paris for an online commercial for Samsung. It can only can be described as a hard slog but worked with a lovely DOP who I have the fortune of working with quite regularly now. Anyway as I previously mentioned I’m back in London catching up on the past few days and have lined up a five day commercial shoot for Burberry next week. I really enjoy working for the company who produce the content and I’m just glad they’ve invited me back. 

Anyway I’m now off to watch last weekends F1 race at Spa whilst I relax on the sofa. 

As some of you may know I’m currently on a 11 week shoot based predominantly up in Liverpool shooting on the Arri Alexa Plus. It’s a late night weekly run of a prime time Channel 4 TV show called “Hollyoaks” but the version I’m ‘A Cam’ focus puller on is called “Hollyoaks Laters”. This is the first time the production company has decided to approach the show with a proper TV drama vibe as opposed to the conventional TV soap that your parents may watch. Anyway we’ve just completed a weeks filming in Amsterdam and I thought I’d share a couple of pictures with you that I took on my phone. We’re halfway through filming and have some very exciting stuff coming up however I cannot disclose much more than this. Enjoy!