As some of you may know I spent my summer working on a drama focus pulling on the Arri Alexa. It screens tonight from 10pm GMT on E4 and E4HD and shall run every weekday evening this week. The show is traditionally regarded as a TV soap however the whole idea behind this was to shoot it like a drama to appeal to a larger audience and to achieve a better aesthetic. As I previously mentioned we shot it on Arri Alexa’s and I focus pulled on ‘A Cam’ and occasionally operated on ‘B Cam’ when we used multiple camera setups. We used T1.9 ultraprimes a large majority of the time and also switched between T1.3 uncoated Superspeeds and tilt shift lenses for various in-camera effects. 

Watch this 12-minute preview and decide from that whether you like it or not. Anyway if you’re in the UK and can access the show why not check it out, you may even like it? 

As some of you may know I’m currently on a 11 week shoot based predominantly up in Liverpool shooting on the Arri Alexa Plus. It’s a late night weekly run of a prime time Channel 4 TV show called “Hollyoaks” but the version I’m ‘A Cam’ focus puller on is called “Hollyoaks Laters”. This is the first time the production company has decided to approach the show with a proper TV drama vibe as opposed to the conventional TV soap that your parents may watch. Anyway we’ve just completed a weeks filming in Amsterdam and I thought I’d share a couple of pictures with you that I took on my phone. We’re halfway through filming and have some very exciting stuff coming up however I cannot disclose much more than this. Enjoy!