Are you on Instagram?

I’m looking for more people to follow on Instagram, the discover page is useless and is full of girls taking pictures of themselves in the mirror and pictures of cats. I signed up to Instagram as a way to take photos and have the option to apply effects if I desired. I don’t post that often but I try and post quality over quantity. 

Username: iamjayoxley

My girlfriend has entered a competition with the possibility of winning a modelling shoot in order to expand her portfolio, there’s no financial gain involved so it’s purely non-profit. As you may know I keep my blog work/film related however I do make the odd exception from time to time. This is very much a simple favour I ask of those who not only follow my blog but also have a Facebook account. In order to vote follow these simple instructions; ensure you’re logged into Facebook, click on the link above and just like the photo. There done and dusted right and it only took 30 seconds if that?! If you’re feeling that tiny bit more generous then reblogging this is only another click away. Just think, your couple of clicks could contribute to someone’s genuine happiness. How about them apples?!